At some point of time, all of us have been stuck at a particular stage in our games or have spent nights waiting for the keys or the energy bar to get full to play the next level. The waiting is, of course, worth it, but there are other ways which can help you reach your game goals faster.

SB Game Hacker is a popular game hacking application used by gamers to hack various elements of popular games such as Pubg, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go etc. You can modify various things in your game, for example, increasing the number of keys, coins, lives, skipping a level, unlocking a new character etc.

SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker application is easy to use and requires no rocket science. But, it works only on rooted devices. You will have to root your Android or iOS device for SB Game Hacker to work. However, there is always a recommended option to use it via an emulator on your device to save it from permanent damage.

The Features of SB Game Hacker Application:

  • The application is free to use.
  • Compatible with Rooted devices.
  • Allows you to change the source and the editing source.
  • You can add desired number of lives, coins, gems, blood etc anytime during the game.
  • One of the best features, Fuzzy Search allows you to search and check the value of resources needed for the game. Later on, it will be added automatically to your game by SB Game hacker.
  • You can find the exact value using the Floating Search option.
  • It includes all the values and resources.
  • You also have the option to improve the efficiency of the application and determine it’s data size using the Data Filtering option.
  • Allows you to manipulate the game speed.
  • Regular updates.
  • It supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Chinese.

SB Game Hacker is not available on the official PlayStore, so you will download the application via its apk file. But the application is completely safe to use and has a privacy feature. It does not send any data to any of the servers on the internet. So, you hacking technically remains secure and private.

How to Download SB Game Hacker For Android

If you are skeptical about rooting your phone, you can download an emulator and then install the apk. And if your device is already rooted, you can download it directly on your device rather than on emulator. The method for both remains the same.

Here’s how to Download SB Game Hacker for your Android –

  • Primarily, you will have to grant the third party access download. You can do this by going to the settings menu and ticking the ‘Unknown source’ option.
  • Download the SB Game Hacker apk from Below.
    Download For Android
  • Initiate the installation procedure.
  • Open the application and you’re all set to go!

How to Download SB Game Hacker For Windows PC

You will require an emulator via which you can run Android applications on your PC. There are many android emulators such as Bluestacks, Genymotion, and KoPlayer etc.  Also, you game applications can also be accessed on the PC through the emulator.

  • Download an Android emulator of your choice.
    Download For Windows
  • Go to  the above link and download SB Game Hacker Apk.
  • Go to the Downloads folder and find the downloaded apk.
  • Open or Run the apk using the emulator.

How to Download SB Game Hacker For iOS

As this application is exclusively available for Android application, you will require an emulator to download it for your iPhone or iPad. The best emulator with which is the Game Hacker for iOS is GBA4IOS. It is a paid application but the advantage is that you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device. It also supports iTunes file sharing and Landscape support.

Here’s How you can download GBA4IOS for iOS-

  • Launch the safari browser.
  • Go to Below Link and download GBA4IOS from the ‘Apps’ section.
    Download For iOS
  • Before you initiate the download, go to ‘Settings’ and grant access to apk files from ‘Profiles and Device Management’.
  • Open the downloaded application and you can now access Game Hacker.

How to Use SB Game Hacker on Your Device: SB Game Hacker Tools

  • Launch the SB Game Hacker Application.
  • Select the ‘Hack Android Game’ option in case of Android device and ‘Hack iOS Game’ in case of iOS device.
  • A scanning process will start and the application will scan for all the games installed in your device.
  • It will now present you with the list of all games on your phone.
  • Select the game you wish to hack.
  • Apply the desired actions on the game.
  • Click on the Game Application again to access the Hacked version.

FAQ’s Related to SB Game Hacker Tools:

1Q. Why do I need to root my device?
Ans: Rooting of the device is done when Android officially doesn’t authorize the applications.
2Q. Can I hack all the applications through SB Game Hacker?
Ans: SD Game Hacker works perfectly fine on all offline games. However, in the case of online games, it may or may not work well in terms of hacking.
3Q. What to do for the error called ‘SB Hacker has stopped working’?
Ans: To the settings folder and clear the cache. Now, click on ‘force stop’. Try opening the application. If the problem still persists, go to Securityà Device Administratorà Enable Android Device Manager.
4Q. Why can’t I open the SB Game Hacker Application?
Ans: You need to grant the access to ‘Unknwon Sources’ from the ‘Settings’ menu. Keep this option ticked and you can access the application anytime you want.
5Q. Are there any In-App Purchases in the Game Hacker Application?
Ans: The application is completely free to use. It is also safe, private and secure. The only reason it is on available on PlayStore is that of copyright policies and also the official iOS and Android servers do not authorize it. 

Alternatives to SB Game Hacker:

1. Lucky Patcher Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is also one of the most used hacking applications when it comes to games. It includes a plethora of features such as- blocks ads, free access to paid applications, allow you to hack unlimited games, easy storage, allow you to change the set of permissions, free access to paid features of games etc. It is easy to use and is also available in a ‘no root’ version.

2. Freedom Apk Freedom Apk

Freedom Apk is an easy tool to apply patches and hack your paid games as well as downloaded games for free. The features are also pretty decent and work well on various games applications. They include- free access to the paid features of the applications, allows bypass of in-app purchases not just in gaming applications but other Android apps as well, removes ads and allows you to get full versions of paid applications.

3. Game Killer App

Game Killer AppLike other applications, it works on rooted devices. It has a bit of more technical features such as it allows you to search games with unclear values, edit Hex, lets you control the speed of the game, unlimited resources, option to hack paid games as well. You can download it on Android and iOS.

4. Xmodgames


Xmodgames is one of the best alternative to SB Game Hacker Official version of Xmod app is not available in the Play Store, and there are hundreds of apps, but the original one can be downloaded only from the official Xmodgames website only. Xmodgames app is completely free and is available to download directly.